The Simulators

Combining the latest technologies and genuine motorsport equipment, we are able to build your perfect racing simulator. Use it to develop your skills in preparation so you are able to hit the track running for FP1. The tool used by professionals. The highlight of any man cave.

Our custom design combines years of experience in the simulation and motorsport industries to provide a versatile solution so we can accommodate drivers of all shapes, sizes and experience whilst maintaining the smallest footprint possible for a professional grade simulator. Our all-in-one solution is here to satisfy your needs.

FPZERO Clubsport high-end simulator
Compact solution

Clubsport Simulator

Our entry level simulator - a fusion between high end and professional grade components in a compact, elegant solution. The perfect tool to get your started in eSports or to begin taking your training to the next level. With a variety of options available, we have a solution to fit your needs.


FPZERO Pro II professional grade simulator
GT & Formula

Pro II Simulator

The ultimate in realism, the Pro II uses professional grade components throughout; the best on the market. Trusted and proven by professional racing drivers, the Pro II is the ultimate in realism for what it is like to drive a race car. With a variety of options available, we have a solution to fit your needs.


Pro Driver Testimonials

Nick Tandy
Nick Tandy

Porsche Factory Driver, LMP1 Le Mans 24h winner

I set the same times on the sim as I do in the real car. It's unbelievably realistic. The tracks have the bumps and curbs in the right place and the steering wheel and brake pedal pressures can be set to match the real car. The Clubsport chassis is so clean and sturdy. It's spot on!

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Lewis Plato
Lewis Plato

Porsche Carrera Cup GB

It's a vital tool for my training regime before races. The tracks and cars aren't perfect but they're close enough to be right on the pace even at a new track! I like how I can jump between different cars and work on different techniques so when something comes up as a surprise your subconscious already has it covered.

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Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien

McLaren Factory GT3 Driver

Simulators have always been a valuable tool in my racing. Having my own gives me the chance to jump on and train whenever I want without having to worry about travelling or costs! My Clubsport fits perfectly in the space I have available, without compromises, and ensures I'm ready for the race!

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