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FPZERO Clubsport Simulator with 49" Super Ultrawide screen

New for 2020, our Clubsport simulator is the perfect entry point into race car simulation with our high-end solution. Is the perfect entry point to begin using your simulator as a tool.

Our custom design combines years of experience in the simulation and motorsport industries to provide a versatile solution so we can accommodate drivers of all shapes, sizes and experience whilst maintaining the smallest footprint possible for a high-end simulator. With the single Super Ultrawide display the Clupsort has a compact footprint, perfect for any room, whilst maintaining high levels of immersion.

Worldwide delivery and installation services available!

FPZERO Clubsport Racing Simulator
FPZERO Clubsport simulator with Acer 49" Super UltraWide display

Super UltraWide Screen

Stunning, Clean Visuals

The best simulators make you feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of your preferred car. This is made possible with the Clubsport simulator using high performance Super Ultrawide displays.

The single continuous display allows you to look throught the corners uninterupted as you would in the real car. This ensures correct vision and enhances the techniques of always looking ahead, through the corner and to the exit.

Available in 43" and 49" Super Ultrawide configurations, the synced screens have refresh rates of 120Hz and 144Hz respectively. This results in a silky smooth visual experience without tearing, stuttering or ghosting. These high performance monitors, coupled with our powerful, custom build computers, bring the graphics of the simulation to life.

High-end Feedback

Detailed Steering

Using the highly proven Fanatec CSW V2.5 steering system we can accurately deliver the feedback from the simulation software through the wheel and into your hands. The brushless servo motor driving the wheel delivers instant acceleration and is incredibly smooth.

Upgrade to the Fatantec DD1 direct drive for improved feeling and responses. Feel the detail of the track and car through your finger tips.

By using the Fanatec ecosystem you can easily swith wheels with wire-free hot-swapable steering wheels. Available with a number of options including GT, Formula, Formula 1, Classic, Drift, Nascar, and more, your simulator is tailored to your needs.

FPZERO Clubsport simulator with Fanatec CSW wheel base

Load cell pedals

Precision Braking

Using the Heusinkveld Sprint load cell pedals you can precisely modulate the brakes in the same way as a real car. They can be easily configured to simulate braking forces for a range of cars up with pressure up to 64kg.

Add the Pro clutch to practice your techniques and get a jump on the competition.

Heusinkveld Sprint pedals

Perfect the technique

Shifters & Handbrakes

Our simulators can be specified with the most realistic shifting available on the market to give you that real driving experience and immersion. Configure your Clubsport with the combined Sequential and H-pattern shifter from Fanatec, or add the high-end handbrake.

Combine our H-pattern shifter and handbrake with our fully adjustable clutch pedal and perfect the art of heel and toe.

Heusinkveld Sprint pedals

Ready to Race

Complete Solution

The Clubsport was developed as a compact and portable solution. The built in monitor mount and fully cable managed solution make it easy to setup in the perfect position; just plug in the provided PC and you are up and running.

At only 64cm wide fully setup with monitor removed, the Clubsport is easy to move around; fitting between standard doorways without a problem. The speakers can easliy be removed for those tighter locations making it only 47cm wide.


With just a single power cable to connect to the simulator, you will be up and running in no time!


When fully setup, the Clubsport only takes up 120cm x 140cm.


With premium Bose speakers you will experience accurate audio queues to interpret what the car is doing beneath you.


Fit drivers of any size with adjustable pedal reach and hight, adjustable steering height and angle and adjustable seating position.

Performance throughout

A Powerhouse

What's on the inside matters too! We pride ourselves in building powerful PCs at the heart of our simulators. Using the latest technologies, we can provide a smooth simulation experience, even on the latest titles.

Our in-house built machines are the perfect multitasking tool, allowing you to stream your race, track competitors and analyse data in real time without a hick-up.

More About Our Custom PCs

Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

Data Driven Models

Software & Compatibility

Using laser-scanned tracks and telemetry from real race cars, simulation software is more than a game. With identical visual markers, reference points and bumps in the track surface, the barrier between simulation and real life is being blurred. You can learn the track even before you arrive for FP1. This, combined with the online presence and growing popularity of eSports, means you can hone your race-craft and enjoy racing other racing enthusiasts and high level drivers from all over the world.

With a range of simulation titles available, there are thousands of car and track combinations to choose from, from historic race cars all the way to current generation Formula 1 and LMP1 cars.

Detailed Look at Software

We are constantly developing our simulators to ensure that you are not left behind. FPZERO simulators support almost all driving simulation titles including:

  • iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
  • RaceRoom
  • Automobilista
  • Project Cars 2
  • Dirty Rally 2.0
  • and many more...

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