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Simulators are a valuable tool within motorsport. The sensations achieved through simulation can be directly attributed to that of a real car. They are no longer just a way to learn tracks quickly, but can now be used to refine techniques and learn new techniques. The advanced physics and detailed models of cars allow you to make setup changes to help develop your understanding of car mechanics and speed up the process of fine tuning setups when you hit the track.

Racing is becoming a lot more about mental strength as much as physical strength, we can put you through your paces and procedures that are required in car to help build strength. All of this is made possible with immediate feedback from professionals to maximise your potential.

With all of our training options, you can choose to work solely with a simulator engineer, one of our professional drivers or coaches, or with your existing driver coach.

Home Training

Remote coaching

All of our simulators support remote training out of the box so you can maximise the benefits of your own personal simulator. We can connect to your simulator to help progress your driving, even with the smallest amount of time available.

With the ability to ride onboard and obtain live data feedback we can provide coaching even with hundreds of miles between our base and yourself. The real benefit of remote coaching is through driving ontrack with each other, practicing race raft, lines and techniques to push you further.

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Remote coaching and driver delveopment on your sim at home

Come to our facility

Train With Us

Our facility is located at at Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport. Take to the track on sim followed by a session in a real car. With our dedicated engineering station with live telemetry and data and our very own two-way radio system, our coaches can give you immediate feedback whilst driving to help advance your learning faster.

We have an extensive database of cars from entry level all the way up to accurately modelled Formula 1 cars, as well as hundreds of tracks from all over the world. We're ready for you!

With all of our onsite training, there is the opportunity to take a copy of all data and video from the session so that it can be reviewed and referenced even after the simulator time.

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Driver training at Silversone, the home of racing

We will come to you

Onsite Training

With the mobile nature of our Clubsport and Pro II simulators, we are able to bring your training to you, whether you run a team or want it for your personal training with limited time. There is no compromise to the training with our high performance controls, wrap around displays and real-time telemetry and data acquisition.

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Onsite training at your facility

Working Trackside

Race Support

With limited track time on race weekends we can help speed up your learning by providing trackside support with our simulators.

Drivers use the simulator in preparation before heading out onto track to help familiarise themselves with the track and get them in 'the zone'. When you find you were unable to try something in the session, you can jump on the sim to try it out straight after your session.

Track-side race support for immediate feedback and development to take on track

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