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A Powerhouse

The computer is one of the most important components in any simulator. At FPZERO we take just as much care to ensure that you have the best bang for buck to run all the software and simulation titles.

All our machines are built in-house to ensure that we hand pick components that work reliably to remove down-time from your training and eSports experiences. By building the PCs ourselves we have the greatest knowledge of the hardware so that if there are any issues we can support you better.

The Best Components

We only use the best brands and components from the case all the way through to the ultra fast SSDs.

  • Intel 11th Generation CPU
  • NVIDIA RTX 3000 series Graphics Cards
  • At least 8GB of Corsair DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB+ Ultra Fast SSDs (Read/write speeds up to 7,400 MB/s!)
  • High end MSI motherboard
  • Gold+ rated Power Supplies from market leaders Seasonic
  • Stunning steel cases from NZXT
Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

Rigorously Tested

Every PC that leaves our workshop goes through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure it meets the performance standards.

Step 1
Step 2
CPU Stress Test.
Step 3
Graphics Stress Test.
Step 4
Optimise Software Configuration.

Performance for the perfect setup

Clubsport PC

Our Clubsport PCs use the newest technologies so you get the best performance for your Super UltraWide display at > 144Hz.

The compact case compliments the small footprint of the Clubsport racing simulator whilst still maintaining good space for upgrades and airflow.

Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

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Built for Triple Screens


Our Pro PCs top the performance charts using the latest and greatest technologies. This ensures you get the best performance from your machine to power the Triple Screen 1440p screens at >120fps.

To achieve the best performance, the PC is Water Cooled. The large case allows for optimal airflow to enhance reliability.

We offer standard configurations to suit budgets as well as total custom builds.

Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

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