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We have a range of clients from Le Mans Winning professional racing drivers to enthusiasts. At FPZERO Simulators we will help you extract the most out of your simulator.

Here is what just some of our clients have to say!

I set the same times on the sim as I do in the real car. It's very realistic, from steering feedback to brake pressures. It's spot on!

Nick Tandy, Porsche Factory Driver and Le Mans Winner

It's a vital tool for my training regime before races. I also use it a lot with my clients to prepare them before we head out on track

Lewis Plato, Professional Racing Driver in the Porsche Carrera Cup

The FPZERO simulator is a priceless tool for helping develop our drivers

Kokoro Performance

I took some 6 seconds of my fastest lap there last time out.  Interestingly I noted that it works both ways as my sim time really improved after the test too

Radical S1 Driver

I love it. When I have friends over, we crack open some beers and take to the track! It's the perfect addition to my man cave

Aston Martin Owner

On unsighted tracks the sim is a perfect tool to get me up to speed. In my 2019 season I have so many new challenges with the W Series that my FPZERO simulator is the perfect tool to help me get over the hurdle and give me a competitive edge

Esmee Hawkey, W Series and Porsche Carrera Cup