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FPZERO Pro II Formula Simulator with triple 32" 1440p 165hz wrap around screens

Combining the latest technologies and genuine motorsport equipment, we are able to build your perfect racing simulator. Use it to develop your skills in preparation so you are able to hit the track running for FP1. The tool used by professionals. The highlight of any man cave.

Our custom design combines years of experience in the simulation and motorsport industries to provide a versatile solution so we can accommodate drivers of all shapes, sizes and experience whilst maintaining the smallest footprint possible for a professional grade racing simulator. Our all-in-one solution is here to satisfy your needs.

Fully installed with onsite training, coaching and remote support. Delivery and installation available worldwide!

FPZERO Pro II Formula Simulator with 55 screens

Perfect for any room

All-in-One Solution

The Pro II delivers an uncompromising experience combining function and form. Fully integrated wiring, including a powerful 5.1 surround system, keep the room clean and clutter free.

The built in castors make the sim easy to move when you need to free up space temporarily or to relocate once installed.


With just a single power cable to connect to the racing simulator, you will be up and running in no time!


When collapsed, the simulator is only 68cm x 180cm.
Fully setup, the 32" version is only 180cm x 180cm.


With 1000 Watts of 5.1 surround sound audio you will experience accurate audio queues to interpret what the car is doing beneath you.


With four lockable castors, the Pro II can be moved around freely and easily. Side supports keep it stable when putting it through your paces.

Triple screens

Total Immersion

The best simulators make you feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of your favourite car. We make this possible with our wrap-around high performance triple screen setups, ranging from 32" to 75". Clear visuals ensure immersion whilst allowing you to focus on the apex and take in details such as changes in track texture and curbs.

Our high performance screens, coupled with our powerful, custom build computers, bring the graphics of the simulation to life.

For those requiring more compact solutions, we offer the best 49" Super Ultrawide for the smallest footprint.

FPZERO Pro II {{ label }} Simulator with triple 32" 144hz screens

Onboard 32" 2k screens

11 million pixels spread across three 32" monitors combine into one screen that sits just in front of the drivers eyes enabling a full 180 degree field of view. This all happening whilst the synced 165Hz refresh rate delivers a silky smooth visual experience without tearing, stuttering or ghosting.

The onboard mounting delivers a clean finish and allows it to be easily maneuvered around, fitting through standard width doors. Our solution has been engineered for convenience, suitable for any location, without compromising performance.

Required width: 1.6 - 2.0m

FPZERO Pro II {{ label }} Simulator with triple 43" screens

Freestanding 43" 4k screens

We only use the best screens available, and our 43" native 4k screens are no exception. The larger format screens allow you to look through the corners and focus on looking ahead. Our custom freestanding monitor mount ensures stability whilst providing adjustability to fit your driving position and room.

Required width: 2.2 - 2.6m

FPZERO Pro II {{ label }} Simulator with triple 55" 4k 120hz screens

Freestanding 55" 4k screens

The most realistic racing simulation experience, and our most popular Pro II configuraton!

Our 55" native 4k screens running at 120Hz are the best on the market. The synced 120Hz refresh rate delivers a silky smooth visual experience without tearing, stuttering or ghosting. The 4k screens provide the most realistic detail and colours. The combination of these factors and our setup have been proven to reduce the chances of motion sickness when on the simulation.

These screens ensure a presence within your room whilst maximising the visuals and immersion factor. The ultra thin bezels reduce the impact of the divides between screens allowing you to look through the corners and focus on looking ahead.

Our custom freestanding monitor mount ensures stability whilst providing adjustability to fit your driving position and room.

Required width: 2.5 - 3.0m

FPZERO Pro II {{ label }} Simulator with triple 65" 4k 120hz screens

Freestanding 65" 4k screens

The ultimate racing simulator experience!

Our 65" native 4k screens running at 120Hz provide the ultimate sim racing experience. The synced 120Hz refresh rate not only delivers a silky smooth visual experience without tearing, stuttering or ghosting, but it also provides unbelievable detail, making you feel like you are absolutely driving the real thing.

The ultra thin bezels reduce the impact of the divides between screens allowing you to look through the corners and focus on looking ahead.

Our custom freestanding monitor mount ensures stability whilst providing adjustability to fit your driving position and room.

Required width: 3.0 - 4.0m

FPZERO Pro II {{ label }} Simulator with triple 49" Super Ultrawide 144hz screen

Onboard 49" Ultrawide

For those tight spots and VR focused rigs, the 49" Super Ultrawide is the ideal solution. The curved screen provides a fantastic, unobscured 110 degrees of vision.

The curvature of the screen allows you to look through the corner, as you would in real life, and the 5680 x 1440 (1440p) screen resolution provides a vibrant, crisp picture allowing you to spot those apexes.

The integrated monitor stand makes it even easier to get the perfect screen position every time and makes it even easier to move the simulator around hassle free. Just release the monitor using the quick release screens and move it into position.

Required width: 1.25m

Direct Feeback

Pro Steering System

The direct drive Pro Steering System provides up to 1:1 force feedback and details that are only usually felt in the real car.

Powered by the SimuCube 2 steering motor, feel every bump through the steering wheel via the suspension. Identify moments of understeer and oversteer. Perfect your techniques! Upgrade to the Leo Bodnar Sim Steering 2 system for the ultimate feedback.

Our custom extended shaft allows for the perfect screen position whilst making it easy to enter and exit the simulator.

Pro II Direct Drive steering system by Simucube 2 and Leo Bodnar SimSteering 2

Perfect your techniques!

Precision Braking

Our load cell pedals are pressure sensitive and allow you to modulate the brakes in the same way as a real car. They can be easily configured to simulate braking forces for a range of Formula cars from Formula Ford to Formula 1 levels. Using the Hesuinkveld Ultimate pedals are capably of replicating forces and feel of pedals up to 136kg.

Upgrade to the SimTag hydraulic pedals to give you that real bleed off sensation as you release the brake pedal.

Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals on FPZERO Pro II

Steering wheels

The Right Wheel for you

LMP3? LMP2? LMP1? F4? F3? F2? F1? We have the perfect Formula style steering wheel for your bespoke racing simulator.

We have a variety of wheels suitable for any discipline and can have a wheel custom made to match that of a real race car. Our motorsport grade quick releases allow you to change wheels in a matter of seconds to transform your driving experience. We only use the highest quality components and are proud to offer the Precision Sim Engineering wheels as standard.

Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro steering wheel


by Precision Sim Engineering

The LM-Pro brings the feel of a Le Mans prototype steering wheel into your hands. Perfect for LMP and GTE cars as well as some modern GT cars. Never miss a shift with the precision engineered magnetic shifters.

  • 300mm diameter
  • Injection moulded polyurethane grips
  • 5 rotary dial controls
  • 12 high-quality push buttons
  • 2 toggle switches
  • PSE magnetic gear shifters with carbon fibre paddles
Precision Sim Engineering LM-X LMP/Formula steering wheel


by Precision Sim Engineering

The LM-X is the ultimate endurance style wheel. It takes advantage of a bright 4.3in LCD Display and 16 RGB LEDs to present you with all the information you need to succeed.

  • 300mm diameter
  • Injection moulded polyurethane grips with micro-texturing
  • ChromaWorx controls, fully adjustable RGB backlighting for buttons and dials
  • 8 rotary dial controls
  • 12 high-quality push buttons
  • 7-way MFS (Multi Function Switch)
  • PSE Magnetic gear shifters with carbon fibre paddles
  • Optional Quick-Adjust paddles
  • Optional Dual-Clutch paddles with Electronic Launch Control
  • Full-colour 4.3in LCD data display
  • 16 Full-RGB LED for RPM and Warning Flags
Precision Sim Engineering GP-X Formula 1 wheel

Formula Pro, GPX

by Precision Sim Engineering

Used by professional racing drivers and sim racers around the world, the GPX wheel is engineered for immersion.

The GPX features a full-colour LCD display and long-lasting polyurethane grips. The dual clutch paddles allow you to make the perfect start, just like an F1 driver!

  • 290mm diameter
  • Injection moulded polyurethane grips
  • 9 rotary dial controls
  • 12 high-quality push buttons
  • PSE Magnetic gear shifters with carbon fibre paddles
  • Optional dual-clutch paddles with adjustable bite point
  • Full-colour LCD data display
Momo historic race car wheel

Momo Historic Wheel

The simple steering wheel in a historic race car means we can match the wheel to your car, whether it's an MG, Lotus Cortina, Ford Anglia, Mini or any other period racing car.

Our standard historic wheel uses our trusted partners Momo, but we have also installed cars with OMP and Moto-Lita wheels using our custom adapters.

Custom Steering Wheels

Using our custom designed electronics package, we can design and manufacture a replica of your favourite racing wheel. Using quality machined magnetic shifters you will feel a positive and tactile sensation as you never miss a shift.

We have built replica wheels using genuine components for customers racing in the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, Ferrari 488 Challenge, Radical, Caterham, Ginetta and more. This allows for a driver to map the controls on their sim to match their race car.

Custom Porsche 911 GT3 Cup simulator wheel
Custom Ferrari 488 Challenge simulator wheel

Every Option You Need

Your Perfect Racing Simulator

Make your your dream racing simulator perfect for your needs with a selection of options to add at any time. Match your race car controls so you're always in a familiar environment.


Perfect the technique. Never miss a shift. Perfect the art of heel andtoe with our H-pattern shifters and clutch pedal.

Pro-Sim Quaife H-pattern shifter


Pull the best dirft. Precisely modulate your handbrake for the perfect angle whilst Rallying, Drifting or simulation of World Rally Cross.

Heusinkveld professional grade load cell handbrake

Advanced Telemetry

Find that last tenth with telemetry integratios. Overlay your video and telemetry footage with the VBOX Sim Pack.

Racelogic VBOX Sim Pack

LCD Dashboards

Vital information at a glance. Replicate your race car dashboard. Make the perfect shift with LED Shift lights.

Precision Sim Engineering DDU

Button Boxes

Every action at your fingertips. Make setup changes on the fly. Activate your window wipers, change your brake bias, adjust traction control and ABS in a single click.

FPZERO Digital Button Box for sim racing
FPZERO Static Button Box for sim racing

Tactile Feedback

Feel every bump and create the most realistic racing simulator. Feel the track, the curbs, gear shifts and more from realtime telemetry for the most accurate experience.

Tactile feedback powered by Buttkicker

The Perfect Fit Everytime

Quickly Adjustable

The Pro II Formula has been designed to accommodate drivers of all ages and sizes making it the perfect racing simulator as they progress from karting to junior single seaters, through the ranks, and up to Formula 1. The sim can be adjusted to match the exact driving position of your single seater racing car.

All erganomic positions are easily adjustable using custom designed electronics and quick release mechanisms, making it perfect for getting the perfect fit for multiple drivers or switching from 4'8" to 6'8" in moments.

Seat Position
Seat Position

With a motorsport grade seat slider, you can easily adjust the Carbon Fibre racing seat making it perfect for swapping drivers. The only sim to offer rapid seat position height adjustment.

Steering Height & Angle
Steering Height & Angle

To help accommodate drivers of all heights, the steering system can be positioned to fit the driver with our unique quick release design.

Pedal adjustability
Electronic Pedal Adjustments

To ensure maximum comfort, the pedals can be moved to the right position at the push of a button. To get the perfect positioning for heal and toe, and braking, each pedal is individually placed.

Seat Adjustment

Steering Adjustment

Pedal Adjustment

Performance throughout

A Powerhouse

What's on the inside matters too! We pride ourselves in building powerful PCs at the heart of our simulators. Using the latest technologies, we can provide a smooth simulation experience, even on the latest titles.

Our in-house built machines are the perfect multitasking tool, allowing you to stream your race, track competitors and analyse data in real time without a hick-up.

You won't see anything boot up faster, because even standard SSDs aren't fast enough for our simulators.

More About Our Custom PCs

Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

Data Driven Models

Software & Compatibility

Using laser-scanned tracks and telemetry from real race cars, simulation software is more than a game. With identical visual markers, reference points and bumps in the track surface, the barrier between simulation and real life is being blurred. You can learn the track even before you arrive for FP1. This, combined with the online presence and growing popularity of eSports, means you can hone your race-craft and enjoy racing other racing enthusiasts and high level drivers from all over the world.

With a range of simulation titles available, there are thousands of car and track combinations to choose from, from historic race cars all the way to current generation Formula 1 and LMP1 cars.

Detailed Look at Software

We are constantly developing our simulators to ensure that you are not left behind. FPZERO simulators support almost all driving simulation titles including:

  • iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
  • RaceRoom
  • Automobilista
  • Project Cars 2
  • Dirty Rally 2.0
  • and many more...

Find that last tenth

All the information you need

Out of the box, the Pro II racing simulator is ready to start recording and analysing telemetry data. Overlay your data lap-to-lap, session-to-session and against other drivers from anywhere in the world. You can use the data to identify areas where your technique can be improved and apply them to your next session in-sim or on-track.

Familiarise yourself with the telemetry analysis process so that you can take the most analytical approach when at the track to extract the most from the minimal breaks between sessions. Share the data with our team of professional drivers and identify where you can improve.

Add an additional monitor to view vital information in real time to make sure you're maximising your seat time. Quickly evaluate your performance between each session without leaving the simulator.

Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

Advance Your Development

Remote Coaching

With limited spare time and track time, remote coaching is quickly becoming the future of driver development. We are seeing drivers go from sim training straight into cars and immadiately being fast. Our suite of software allows remote coaching with your existing driver coach or one of our professional drivers.

Our remote coaching facilities are commonly used to:

  • Practice competitive race starts and procedures
  • Develop race craft
  • Work on driving techniques with immediate voice feedback from a coach
  • Analyse data in real time

Custom high performance PC designed for simulation

Match your style


The devil is in the detail. We pride ourselves on building the right simulator for you. And it doesn't stop with the specification of components. We offer unique customisation options, from something as little as your name on your FIA racing seat to full branding covering the chassis and brackets in your favourite colour. We will work with your ideas to build a customised simulator just for you.

Fully customised simulator

Premium Support

At FPZERO Simulators we want you to extract the most from your Pro II and as part of this we provide full service and support for your simulator from the very start.

You will find a number of guides and useful tips in our Owner Portal. Learn how to setup a car, how to apply existing car setups, install new content, fine tune the force feedback levels, adjust controls and much more.

With remote access on all systems, we can offer support anywhere in the world to ensure you are up and running in no time. The first year is included! The remote support combined with our complimentary backup drive, we can help to ensure your system runs smoothly.

More about our Support Packages

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