Advanced Tactile Feedback System - Chassis Edition, Buttkicker Mini LFE

FPZERO Simulators
Feel additional track detail through the chassis as you run curbs, hit bumps, change gear and more. With a tactile feedback device on each corner we can accurately replicate the sensations felt through the suspension. Using the SimXperience SimVibe software is highly customisable to focus on the effects that matter. The software takes the telemetry data from the simulator and outputs it in a suitable format to the Buttkicker.
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Package Contents

4x Buttkicker Mini LFE
1x 1000W Amplified (4x 250W channels @ 8ohm to deliver the Buttkicker at full power)
1x PCIe sound card
1x RCA cable for PC to amplifier
4x XLR connectors for Buttckier to amplifier