FPZERO Pro-Hydro Hydraulic Pedals

FPZERO Simulators

Our in house designed pedal system uses hydraulics to give the perfect braking feeling for any car with forces from everyday road car levels to F1 (200kg). Machined from aluminium, the pedals have a durable, elegant finish.

Infinite adjustments for the same feeling as your race car. With full position and strength adjustments we can replicate the strength of your car’s clutch. Useful for practicing those race start and heel and toe.

Tried and tested by professionals, our hydraulic pedals are proven to be a performance enhancing tool.

The bolt pattern matches that of the Heusinkveld Ultimate and Heusinkveld Sprint pedals making it easy to add to your existing simulator rig. The onboard electronics make for a clean installation and the remote hydraulic system helps keep the adjustability accessible and out of the way.

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