Ascher-Racing F28-SC V2

FPZERO Simulators
The Ascher Racing F28 V2 is a premium steering wheel from a pure aluminium construction for maximum rigidity for your stint. The rubber hand moulds provide a comfortable, precise feel so you feel every bump, catch the oversteer and identify any understeer. At 285mm the wheel is the perfect size for replicating formula cars. The wheel is completely wireless resulting in a clean finish to your simulator with no compromise on performance. With a 2-3 year battery life from the user-replacable lithium battery you have piece of mind that the wheel will run reliably throughout your race. Wheel features: - 12 push buttons with positive tactile feeling - 4 protective button guards - 2 multifunctional 7-way joystics - 2 magnetic paddle shifters with adjustable strength Wheel compatible with Simucube 2 wheel bases only.
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