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Combining the latest technologies and genuine motorsport equipment, we are able to build your perfect racing simulator. Use it to develop your skills in preparation so you are able to hit the track running for FP1. The tool used by professionals. The highlight of any man cave.

Our custom design combines years of experience in the simulation and motorsport industries to provide a versatile solution so we can accommodate drivers of all shapes, sizes and experience whilst maintaining the smallest footprint possible for a professional grade simulator. Our all-in-one solution is here to satisfy your needs.

180° Screens

VR Ready

eSports Ready

Perfectly mobile

All-in-One Solution

The Pro I was developed as a compact and portable solution without compromising performance. With fully integrated cable management it maintains clean lines and clutter free. It features on-board audio, PC, wiring and all precision simulation equipment is built into the external frame which also provide protection during transport.

There have been no compromises. We are able to replicate forces and provide feedback of the highest level of race car and maintain adjustability to give the perfect feel.


With just a single power cable to connect to the simulator, you will be up and running in no time!


When collapsed, the simulator is only 68cm x 140cm.
At full size it is only 200cm x 140cm


With 1000 Watts of 5.1 surround sound audio you will experience accurate audio queues to interpret what the car is doing beneath you.


With four lockable castors, the Pro I can be moved around freely and easily. Side supports keep it stable when putting it through your paces.

Using genuine motorsport components

Make Yourself at Home

A fusion of genuine motorsport equipment, custom brackets and professional grade hardware. We take advantage of the best of everything.

We use genuine motorsport components for our steering wheels, seats and more. We can tailor your simulator to your requirements. You want a Mercedes GT3 wheel, we can do it. Vintage sports wheel, we have you covered!

Encapsulate yourself in one of our FIA approved Corbeau race seats, or our Carbon fibre formula style race seat.

GT & Formula

Fully Adjustable

Our focus has been to create a simulator that can handle a driver of any shape and size. This is made possible with our custom pedal and steering assemblies and motorsport grade seat sliders. You can quickly switch from 4'8" to 6'8" in a few swift moments. Thanks to the design of the cockpit, your simulator is made to measure.

Formula? GT? Touring? We have you covered. The ergonomics of either configuration are designed to give you a realistic driving position so you can train your muscles and give you the optimal view from the seat.

Seat Position

With a motorsport grade seat slider, you can easily adjust the driving seat making it perfect for swapping drivers.

Steering Height & Angle

To help accommodate drivers of all heights, the steering system can be positioned to fit the driver with our unique quick release system.

Pedal Position

To ensure maximum comfort, the pedals can be easily moved to get the correct reach. To get the perfect positioning for heal and toe braking, each pedal is individually placed.

Carbon Fibre, Milled Alluminium, Stainless Steel, CAD Designed

Custom designed from Start to Finish line

Our aluminium chassis has an unrivalled presence when combined with the contrasting black brackets and accessories. The bare bolts give it that feel of a racing cockpit and optional 3k weave carbon fibre upgrade gives it that real race car feel.

The aluminium extrusion combines the best of light weight, space-age, material with rigidity and adjustability. Whilst the heavy duty castors give the mobility to have the simulator wherever you need it.

Direct Feeback

Pro Steering System

The direct drive Pro Steering System provides up to 1:1 force feedback and details that are only usually felt in the real car.

Feel every bump through the steering wheel via the suspension.

Load cell pedals

Precision Braking

Our load cell pedals are pressure sensitive and allow you to modulate the brakes in the same way as a real car. They can be easily configured to simulate braking forces for a range of cars up to F1 levels.

Steering wheels

The Right Wheel for you

We have a variety of wheels suitable for any discipline and can have a wheel custom made to match that of a real race car. Our motorsport grade quick releases allow you to change wheels in a matter of seconds to transform your driving experience.

Classic car? GT car? Prototype? Formula car? We have the perfect solution for you.

Perfect the technique


Our simulators can be specified with the most realistic shifting available on the market to give you that real driving experience and immersion. We offer a range of sequential and H-pattern shifters.

Combine one of our H-pattern shifters with our adjustable clutch pedal and perfect the art of heel and toe.



Our load cell handbrake allows for precise modulation, the perfect addition for simulating Rallying, World Rally Cross, Drifting and much more.

Triple screens

Total Immersion

The best simulators make you feel like you are sitting behind the wheel of your favourite car. We make this possible with our wrap-around screens positioned a similar distance away as in a real car.

Up to 11million pixels spread across three 32" monitors combine into one screen that sits just in front of the drivers eyes enabling a full 180 degree field of view, whilst the synced 144Hz refresh rate delivers a silky smooth visual experience without tearing, stuttering or ghosting. These high performance monitors, coupled with our powerful, custom build computers, bring the graphics of the simulation to life.

The screens are perfectly positioned so that you feel the same distance to the windscreen as you do in reality.

Performance throughout

A Powerhouse

What's on the inside matters too! We pride ourselves in building powerful PCs at the heart of our simulators. Using the latest technologies, we can provide a smooth simulation experience, even on the latest titles.

Our in-house built machines are the perfect multitasking tool, allowing you to stream your race, track competitors and analyse data in real time without a hick-up.

You won't see anything boot up faster, because even standard SSDs aren't fast enough for our simulators.

CAD Driven Models

Software & Compatibility

Using laser-scanned tracks and telemetry from real race cars, simulation software is more than a game. With identical visual markers, reference points and bumps in the track surface, the barrier between simulation and real life is being blurred. You can learn the track even before you arrive for FP1. This, combined with the online presence and growing popularity of eSports, means you can hone your race-craft and enjoy racing other racing enthusiasts and high level drivers from all over the world.

With a range of simulation titles available, there are thousands of car and track combinations to choose from, from historic race cars all the way to current generation Formula 1 and LMP1 cars.

Use the real-time telemetry logging to analyse your efforts and work out where you can improve against previous laps or even other drivers. With the data gathered you can identify areas to tweak the setup or even compare with actual car data.

We are constantly developing our simulators to ensure that you are not left behind. FPZERO simulators support almost all driving simulation titles including:

  • iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Project Cars
  • Project Cars 2
  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
  • RaceRoom
  • Automobilista
  • and many more...
Match your style


The devil is in the detail. We pride ourselves on building the right simulator for you. And it doesn't stop with the specification of components. We offer unique customisation options, from something as little as your name on your FIA approved racing seat to full branding covering the chassis and brackets in your favourite colour. We will work with your ideas to build a customised simulator just for you.

Premium Support

At FPZERO Simulators we want you to extract the most from your Pro I and as part of this we provide full service and support for your simulator from the very start.

You will find a number of guides and useful tips in our Owner Portal. Learn how to setup a car, how to apply existing car setups, install new content, fine tune the force feedback levels, adjust controls and much more.

With remote access on all systems, we can offer support anywhere in the world. Combined with our complimentary backup drive, we can help to ensure your system runs smoothly.